Pellet heating and wood pellet


Pellet heating and wood pellet

Pellet 15 kg sack

Delivery 1 pallet (66x15 kg)

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Pellets 500 kg

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Pelletti loose

We supply loose pellets blown with modern equipment.

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Packing 22 kg / bale, shipping 1 pallet (36 x 22 kg). Price 220 € / pallet

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Warm up with environmentally friendly pellets - from us high quality, domestic fuels

Pellet heating naturally heats and is an ecological way of producing thermal energy - in addition to nature, the heater itself also benefits. Wood pellets are an inexpensive and easy to use fuel. It is also suitable for almost all properties ; detached houses, terraced houses, schools, industrial plants, district heating centers and many more.

Meiltä ProPellet Oy:ltä tilaat pellettilämmityksen polttoaineen irtotavarana ja eri kokoisissa säkeissä. Pellettisäkit ovat saatavilla suoraan tehtaaltamme Ylivieskasta tai jälleenmyyjiltämme, kuten rautakaupoilta. Irtotavaran kuljetamme suoraan asiakkaalle puhallusautoilla. Tarjoamme myös lämmityslaitteet rakennustesi lämmitykseen.

Katso yhteystietomme ja ota yhteyttä, niin jutellaan siitä, millaiset lämmitysratkaisut olisivat parhaat juuri Sinulle.

Puupelletti paikallisesta raaka-aineesta

Wood pellet is 100% wood-based renewable fuel, which we produce from nearby by-products of the wood processing industry, such as sawdust and planing. We carefully monitor the quality of the pellet to ensure that the product is of high quality and uniform.

Because pellets are produced from local raw materials, the environmental impact of the manufacturing process is minimized. It also has low particle emissions, so using pellets is a real warming choice for nature lovers!

An easy way to warm your wallet

The pellet does not require much from its heater. Clean and consistent material fits in a small space. For these reasons, especially the larger plant's heating plant will operate automatically, thus keeping maintenance costs low. Investing in pellet heating is also quite reasonable, and pellet prices are not prone to economic fluctuations.

Bedding nut is also available

Our products also include litter box bales for use in animal enclosures, for example. We deliver the cutter directly to the customer's address. Ask for the item you need!

Choose renewable heating from a pioneer in the industry

ProPellet Oy is a pioneer in renewable energy, whose heat service and heat sales are accomplished with an easy turnkey concept, including both heating equipment and fuel. Of course, you can buy only the equipment or the fuel you need. There is definitely a solution for every destination.

In 2019, we delivered over 30,000 tons of wood pellets to our customers, and we also build 10-20 new heating plants each year. We are the right partner when you are interested in pellet heating, want to hear more about the subject and the potential of our service, or order our fuel right away. Take contact!

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